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About Us

Toes to Soles has been carrying Gehwol® products since 1995 as they are by far the best products for the care of your feet. Gehwol® which means "walk well", is a quality brand name synonymous with foot care, and has maintained a reputation of excellence for over 145 years. 

Gehwol® began as a family business and became a versatile industrial concern that survived two world wars and all kinds of financial crises undamaged, thanks to consistent customer orientation and innovation. They've pioneered modern foot care as we know it today through thoughtful concern for proper foot care and products that exemplify quality, innovation, experience, progress and through worldwide recognition.

With a wide range of products, GEHWOL® Medicated products, GEHWOL® Polymers and other GEHWOL® foot care products, Toes to Soles can take care of your every foot care need.